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Avid photographer. Blogger. Fearless leader of the influential cult of Awesomeness. Self-proclaimed motivation enthusiast. Olivier Day will admit to also being a conflicted geek.

Photography is his great passion. In more ways than he is able to count, it has taught him that Life is a unexpectedly wonderful, whelming, and humbling journey. The memories we create each and every day are unique and fleeting. But, thankfully, we can cherish them through photographs.

Through DayLight, Olivier acknowledges the power of images as representing parts of the story, parts of our lives. It is always an honor for him to be a part of your special moments: to nurture them, to capture them, to enrich them and preserve them - one precious image at a time.

Olivier("Oli" for short) resides in delightful Candiac, Quebec, with his wife and daughter.

For inquiries regarding photography services and other similar opportunities, as well as how to assist you with your special event, you are welcomed to use the included contact form. It will be a pleasure to get back to you.

Eternal Blessings to you and yours.