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It's 11:02 PM - and I'm killing my 500px account

April 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Sleep deprivation can have a rather funny effect on people.

It's 11:02 PM and I've finished feeding my 7 week-old yet another 3oz. bottle, followed by a 20mn burping session and what I believe was some pretty convincing negotiation to get her to go sleep.

Now, normal people would put her to bed, and then take the opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest themselves - with a full work day ahead and all...
But not me - for some reason, I had this as of yet unexplainable urge to be proactive - seeing as how having a newborn come into your life pretty much throws your entire agenda for an overhaul.

My wife will tell you how I was already one to value my time before having a baby.
Now, I'm  even more gung-ho about habits, people, and tasks that make my time worthwhile - and 500px is NOT one of those.
And here are some clear reasons as to why ...

I (like REALLY) couldn't remember my login credentials

Any married man will testify to this - we're forgetful. It happens. It's not age, not clumsiness, not disregard.
Married men are forgetful. Some more than others, but it's pretty much a membership requisite.
However - seeing as how I do keep a fairly active online presence, I like to think I have to manage my fair share of access credentials from email accounts and whatnot...
But seeing as how it took me close to 20mn to figure what my credentials were for my 500px account was somewhat making a strong early case for my choosing to do away with it.
If I can't remember my login credentials...pretty much shows how often I use it.

Haven't posted an image since I signed up for the service


That's how many images I have on my 500px gallery.


2012 was not my most productive year - photographically speaking. On both a personal and practical level, I'll be the first to admit that my craft and productivity took a severe nosedive in both quality and quantity.
Those of you who follow this blog have indeed mentioned over the course of the past year how my posts, articles, tweets and interviews had gone rather...scarce.
I'd rather avoid the details. But circumstances were influential.
I look at this "Over a year ago" statement as a pretty obvious reminder of where my efforts and interests lay.

Say 'When'

A website. A blog. A Fanpage. A Flickr stream. A Twitter handle. Even a Google+ profile.
I think I`ve covered most of my bases as far as keeping a decent online presence is concerned.
In hindsight, I'm realizing the only reason I ever got onto the 500px bandwagon was because it was the talk of the day within photographic circles.
Yes - peer pressure was still alive and kicking.
Comments and reviews were raging :
"...best platform to display and promote your work..."
"...what photographers have been waiting for and deserve..."
"...what Flickr should have been..."
Have you checked-out Flickr lately? Very much alive and well, and far from dead - their mobile app just got a pretty sweet facelift.

The road towards the photographic life is both a challenging and personal one - often enough, noise and distractions will arise...from talks of gear to the latest and greatest methods through which to promote and share your work.

Like everything in photography, there is no one rule - only the rules that work you.
With all this social media presence, I'm afraid I'm spending more time online and less time on the field doing some actual image creation.
As important as it is to stay active, relevant and productive with my work and craft, I have to take a step back and learn to distinguish my needs from my wants - and, quite honestly, 500px is neither.

Real NEED?

Don't get me wrong. This is not in any way meant to be a rant or bashing on 500px.
I do believe that it serves its purpose in being yet another creative, different, visually pleasing, and creatively engaging platform for photographers and visual creators to showcase their work and craft.
There is indeed some exquisite work to be seen and get inspired from as the community there has proven itself as being both active as well as impressive in regards to the quality of the work that is being displayed.
But at the end of the day, there isn't really an argument compelling enough for me to remain a member - despite the service's many attributes and strengths.

Whether its where you choose to go for an oil change to your favorite burger joint - you stick to what works for you and avoid convincing yourself that what doesn't will grow on you.



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