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2014...What else you got?

January 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes, you need the wind kicked out of you in order to stop and take a breather.

It's been an interesting and emotionally charged beginning of the year - preceded by quite a few months of obligatory hiatus as I had my fair share of personal and professional obligations to sort through.
Add that to the fact that both Christmas and New Year's were pretty rocky for my wife and I, as our 9-month old got hit with a rather nasty virus that threw her (and her parents) for whirlwind of ailments - suffice to say that yours truly is quite happy to be back on the productive train of sanity, stability, and Awesomeness.

First posting of 2014 should by all means be my delightful opportunity to send you all my best wishes and most sincere thoughts for a year that shall see you and yours blessed with moments and memories of health, love and resounding success.
Be the architect of your own destiny. Remember - there's a big difference(and an easy confusion) between a reason and an excuse.

So - 

What's 2014 got in store for me and this DayLight saga that I hold near and dear?...Les'see...

  • Jan 10th, 2014 - 10PM EST - NO VACANCY #18 w/ The Salivation Army & Poirier

Awesomeness never sleeps and No Vacancy never rests. New year, new location ...and Tunes! New and old.

Indeed - what better way to get myself out of my funk and back in the game than to join beatmaking sensational duo Poirier & The Salivation Army as my favorite DJ/Producer & BootyBass Dancehall Queen start us off right and well into the 2014 for this latest edition of No Vacancy? - which, as you may have noticed, has officially established its newest residency at local hotspot Les Bobards.

If you've never been to a No Vacancy - you should. Jus'sayin.

It surely promises to be a thrilling night! Show starts at 10PM EST - Details for the event via the official Facebook event page available here

Just look for the tall guy with the Awesome smile - and a camera. Don't be shy - I like hugs.


  • Jan 16th, 2014 - 08:30PM EST - New Google+ Hangout w. 30yr+ photography veteran David Esquire

Yep. We're doing it again.

I had such an amazing...no, Awesome - yea, that fits - time hosting my very first LIVE Google Hangout/Interview with one of my all-time and most influential photography idols, David Esquire of Esquire Photography. Truly. So much in fact that the Photo Gods aligned the stars long enough for us to coordinate our calendars and lock in yet a new date for another terrific opportunity to meet up and discuss share on topics of photography, inspiration, best business practices, tips and overall life lessons for both our photography and our lives.

As a matter of fact, David is such caffeine-fueled pipeline of excitement, talent and inspiration that he and I have geared our next exchange towards the topic of Travel Photography as he gears up for his upcoming coverage of clients Shriradha & David's wedding set to take place in India this coming February. A lot can happen when you're traveling abroad to attend a wedding - one can only imagine imagine the heightened intricacies from the photographer's point of view.

Which is why our favorite Newport Beach photographer will surely have more than a few recommendations and anecdotes. I can't wait.

It all happens next week, Jan 16th 2014, at 08:30PM EST - LIVE on Google+

Check back here for updates and official links leading up to the event. It's gonna be - well, AWESOME!

*nb - if you missed our very first episode - no worries, dry those tears. You can always the rebroadcast of my first interview with David available here.


  • Casting Call - Nude/Boudoir

DayLight - photography by Olivier Day: Nude / Boudoir &emdash;

I had said that I wanted to produce more interesting work and part of that quest towards personal improvement and creative enhancement has always involved another attempt at exploring more "Boudoir" work.

Thing is you can't create work without a subject so - this is simple casting call to interested candidates that feel both comfortable and adventurous enough to sit across from my lens and allow me to pursue my understanding of the human form.

I take both my work and your time very seriously - notice I did not mention "professional models/aspiring actresses/exotic dancers/..." but "interested candidates". This is personal endeavor not a whimsical farce.

Dates and location TBD - kindly reach me via the contact form if you find the kind of work I create to be something you would want to be a part of.


  • Now accepting bookings for 2014/2015 calendar dates

With the - now very clear - realization that having a child will throw your entire existence into an unrecognizable tailspin, and having said that, the patience to pull on the reins and get structure back into one's life, I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be accepting bookings for events & assignments for 2014/2015 calendar dates. Such coverage includes : Weddings, Baptisms, Concerts, Social gatherings & Galas, Babies, Birthdays, Communions...

*Other assignments also applicable - pending availability and nature of work required.

Excited to hear from you as it'll be my pleasure and privilege to assist you with your particular day.


I told you I had a lot going on this year. And there's more coming down the pipeline - collaborations and projects I cannot yet get into.

Do stay tuned.

Thanks always for your kindness and support of my work and craft. It's a blessing. Truly.

You can always keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or if you like, you can also say hi via the contact form or email : olidayphoto at gmail dot com

Be blessed.



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